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February 1, 2020 Home Design

Wrought Iron Window Guards Ideas

Get decorative

If simplicity is the look you crave, use wrought iron window guards sparingly as an accent. Add a bit of aesthetic to your home exterior by installing a more basic wrought iron window guards on just two front windows either upstairs or downstairs.

Keep It Simple

Add some colour

Although wrought iron window guards can add protection for your home, not windows meant to stay shut. Wrought iron window guards that open out which shutters are available from a number of manufacturers, and can be just what you are searching for the balcony rooms. Wrought iron window guards that open, typical latch too, so you do not lose protection.

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Available in many different sizes and styles, wrought iron window guards have been popular throughout history. Choose a brushed look for a touch of simplicity or traditional black wrought iron window guards for a little historical touch.

Open Up

Wrought iron window guards are often installed over traditional glass windows, but you are not limited to transparent glass. If you’re feeling really creative, find a store or craft place near you that teaches you to create your own stained glass and combined it with wrought iron element.

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Most people think of standard bars when they think about wrought iron window guards, however, iron windows are available in a vast range of styles. From intricate vines to ornate curls to simple cross, you can find a wrought iron window guards in almost any design. Find a pattern that fits your home and you, and do not get discouraged if you cannot find what you’re looking for right away. Some manufacturers Enable You to design your own window, so, look around before you settle on a pattern

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