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June 17, 2020 Design & Decor

Trayed Ceiling Decor Ideas

What rules to follow to decorate a trayed ceiling? Actually, the same as when decorate walls or floor. Suppose, by way of example, you want to paint with dark colors, a bold and elegant trendsetter proposal. Before you should take into account the size of the room, a large, bright room lets you play with these tones without problemnonetheless, in a small room you will want to not use them to avoid feeling of tightness or ceiling too low.

The proposal you select for the roof depends on the decorating style you wish to apply and other elements of the room: the walls, furniture and accessories, stamping textiles. When combined walls and trayed ceiling, you have several alternatives. If you go for solid colors, you may pick the same for both apply a lighter shade on one surface or combine different colors so contrasting. An original option is to book the color for the ceiling and keep the white walls. If you prefer to introduce a pattern on the walls, you can paint the ceiling in a color that matches or vice versa.

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The creative possibilities that offer the trayed ceiling are endless. If you appeal to your imagination or looking for inspiration in images like those you teach, you can get impressive results. Beyond painting, other materials can help you convert the roof of your home in the center of attention. Cover it with wood, use wallpaper or vinyl, decorate with moldings or use real or false beams. You can also play with lighting: for it, the color LEDs can be great allies.

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Trayed ceiling – Most homes or businesses salons are places that have sloppy ceiling. What is not seen is that this area of the design has a lot of potential however this place, because society has been unimportant, which always pints of white, thinking that any other color along with white or because so it was that they told you paint the ceiling. It is increasingly common to pay special attention to the ceiling decoration; aside and turn white to color or creative to make spotlight games. Decorate the ceiling can add personality to a space, besides being a good resource to separate rooms in precisely the same room.

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In this article we present ideas and products review that can be an option to realize your project about trayed ceiling.

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