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To Install a Kohler Pedestal Sink

Drill holes in the wall at each marked location. If the hole will not enter a beam, drill a hole large enough for a lever bolt. If possible, however, the position of the Kohler pedestal sink so all mounting holes on poles. This is the situation. After that, fit the faucets for the sink with the hardware supplied with the faucet. In most cases, a pipe wrench helps tighten the nuts to the threaded posts on the plastic faucet.
To install Kohler pedestal sink, starting with place the vertical pedestal against the wall over the water and drain lines. Kohler sinks position on the pedestal post. Ask a second person to check the upper part of the sink basin with a plane so that the sink is based on a level position. Next, mark the mounting of the holes for the sink and pedestal on the wall with a pencil and then place the pedestal and basin sink next to it.

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kohler pedestal sink.

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