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May 29, 2020 Kitchen & Dining Room

Special Lighting over Kitchen Table

Learn more about how to give a special touch to the kitchen, so that not only is it well lit, but it becomes an ideal place while you spend time there. The kitchen is the place that most needs adequate lighting, because there you spend a lot of time and it is where we meet to share family moments. To begin, you have to focus on the general lighting, which starts on lighting over kitchen table. Strong lamps should be placed whose clarity covers the entire space.

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It is possible to install a device (dimmer) to play with the intensity of its light according to the time of day or the desired effect. The distance between the table and the bulb should not be less than 55 or 60 cm, so that it does not disturb diners and does not generate too much heat.

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This article main ideas is lighting over kitchen table.

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