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March 1, 2020 Design & Decor

Popular Contemporary Ranch House Plans

Contemporary ranch house plans – was one of the most popular residential styles from the mid 1940s through the 1980th. This easily identifiable style has a single, linear story, which are typically run parallel to the street. Many modern families vote ranch home, which is typically on the small side, turns out to restrict. It is difficult to add to an older home as materials weather and building techniques change, consider this ranch house apart idea.

Many contemporary ranch house plans designs contained not a closed garage. Make your home look bigger while adding garage and storage space. Consider building a detached garage design with a covered walkway in the case of new materials do not fit the existing home, because it is difficult to mimic the effects of weatherization. Add space for relaxing or entertaining, protected from the elements, without falling difficulty of matching the original style of your residence. A glazed sunroom provides conditional space that can serve as a den or dining area. Transparent glass makes you feel like you’re outdoors, and is visually unobtrusive, making this a good solution if you do not have space to extend your home linearly, but do not want to build a clumsy out the back of the house.

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Wreaths are a popular choice to add to a contemporary ranch house plans. A dormer is a window that projects from the sloping roof plane of a dwelling. By using existing attic, you can add substantially different story space and light to your ranch home. Remember to add a second story presents questions, and you should have an engineer or architect inspect your home’s structure to ensure it can withstand the extra weight.

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If you’ve had it with the”ranch” look, consider removing the roof and add a whole floor for your home to transform it into a colonial style. The current first floor provides space for entertaining, including living room, kitchen and dining room, while everyone in the bedroom space can move to the second floor. Add a new hip roof upstairs and colonial style details such as a front porch with columns and decorative shutters.

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Add the space you need without feeling that you have to match contemporary ranch house plans style of your existing home. Design a new bedroom, kitchen or expanded living space using modern materials and construction techniques, while the proportion and scale of the original house. Consider hiring an architect to develop and present to you more options for your addition.

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