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June 3, 2020 Living Room

Nice Design Gray and Blue Living Room

Paint the walls to specify the scene for a blue and gray scheme. Pick a light gray color for a neutral look, or a light or medium blue to add a pop of color to a living room. Add blank or brushed silver accessories to accent the blue and gray combination; Metallic elements will modernize the appearance of space. Quite vibrant blue walls with silver mirrors and bars. Choose silver hardware, such as drawer draws, shelves.
Gray and blue living room – Decorate a room with a blue and gray scheme giving the space an elegant, modern feel. Blue and gray, both of which are cool tones, complement each other well. When deciding on a shade of blue to decorate with, pick a water-inspired colour to give depth and interest in gray accents. It’s possible to use a blue and gray system to update all rooms in your property, from a living room to a bedroom.

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