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March 6, 2020 Design & Decor

Minimalism And Beautiful Cat Scratcher Lounge

The elegant and contemporary furniture organic is a cat. Its design combines Zen hardness, performance and minimalism at a gorgeous cat scratcher lounge. Accents ornaments with a modern touch. It includes shelves carpeting cubicle hiding, multipurpose to roost and sisal fabric panel into the elevation. Shelves can support over 50 lbs each. Cubby may also be used to hide the garbage. Made from sheet plywood and MDF for immunity. Polyurethane scratches and stains immunity. Assembly required. The tools contained. Measuring 20 x 20 x 69 cm constructed together.

Cat scratcher lounge is made of friendly substances environment, non-toxic tiles and comprising 35 percent recycled minimum, the part has multiple layers of laminated iron and cardboard plank’s end to produce a visually intricate design, however simple. Heavy special-internal weathered formula gives a durable surface scrape, whereas light outside walls is removed since wear-corrugated inner. What’s more, the outer walls of individual cardboard”provided” to cushion the borders cat dander. Natural choice for a healthy lifestyle,”bed scraper” offers a long-term solution scratch, eliminating the need for declawing surgeries damaged and / or modification of this stressful behaviour.

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Cat scratcher lounge – Love your cat, but that I despise carpet cat scratcher’s bad taste? You want something which will find their cats love and super trendy on your residence? These cowardly cat scratches elements are of high quality and design. You’re going to be pleased to have one in the living room for a work of abstract art. Cats love this piece that is functional, however sculptural furniture. Particular shapes of bed provide a perfect base rest, while its arrangement gives a enchanting surface scratching – more than 6 feet long by 1 foot wide.

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Snooze our Scratch N’is a combination of three-in-one that nest together for easy storage. Each bit has a contoured surface for scratching and snoozing. Composed of 30% recycled and 100% recyclable. Offered from the model of your choice or in a case of assortments. The patented cat scratcher lounge modern critter curved plywood is minimal and refined in shape and yet provides increased flexibility in color and configuration of almost any modern cat scratcher. Hang on the wall to create a hanger, or put it into a corner of the room, where it takes up hardly any space in any way. The tiles are easily changed for replacement of worn components or tiles to customize their appearance… use designs and colors to your liking, and then change all of the time you want.

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