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September 10, 2019 Others

Japanese Bridge, Claude Monet and the Window on Paradise

He painted it at various times of the day to find the sunlight as it changed. The brush strokes are fast, intense and in different directions to give the impression of movement. The light is reflected on the leaves of the trees and the shadows become colored. This painting conveys a feeling of calm and tranquility that is transmitted to us by the green nature surrounding the Japanese bridge.
What is Japanese bridge? The Japanese bridge is painting made in oil on canvas in about 1899 by the French painter Claude Monet. Measure 89.5×115.3 cm and is kept in New York in the Museum of Modern Art. The subject is inspired by the Japanese- style garden of the painter at Giverny, where he cultivated several exotic plants that decorated a wooden bridge.

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This gallery is about japanese bridge.

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