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January 31, 2020 Home Ideas

Installing Cheval Jewelry Armoire Mirror

Mark the area where the cup lock fits. Use a Forstner bit as thick as the cup of the lock to remove the waste from this area. Take the rest of the waste with the chisel. Do it slowly and carefully. Pick the area and take out the waste with a chisel. Be careful when removing the timber from the front lip along the front edge of the plug because it breaks easily.

Cheval jewelry armoire mirror – is beautiful and functional furniture that have been used traditionally to store, organize, view, and protect the jewelry. Armoires come with hooks, and special storage space for rings, and bracelets and a mirror. If you get a new armoire, make sure it has several compartments and sturdy hooks to hold jewelry. Several new designs come with a built-in lock for security.

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Mark the position of the keyhole, press the lock firmly into the mortise. Drill a hole and examine the fit of the lock. Press the button on the pin on the lock on the other side of the wood. Use a razor knife to cut out all of the key and its coat of arms. Stop frequently to check if they fit right before cutting and filing more wood. The hole is finished, use pin to push in the armoire. Mark the limits of the strike plate on the door of the cheval jewelry armoire mirror. Use the screwdriver to remove the waste. Then fit the plate in the armoire.

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However, you can install your own lock on a cheval jewelry armoire mirror as well. Armoire will hang within reach, giving you extra surface space for other glamor needs. Recycle an old cabinet door and scrap wood to craft a superficial jewelry armoire Mark the position of the lock on the front of the armoire by placing the lock in place and marking its borders with a razor knife. Use a screwdriver to remove the waste from the selected area. Ensure that the plug is as thick as the outer flange of the lock.

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