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June 12, 2020 Design & Decor

How To Attach Undermount Bathroom Sinks

Apply a thin strip of silicone sealant with a caulk gun on the top edge of the sink bowl to secure the sink to countertop and make a tight seal. Evenly apply the caulk ensure that it is not too thick to stop it from leaking out. Effortless squeeze caulk gun handle which you apply it. Add caulk to the full front of the sink lip. Crouch undermount bathroom sinks hole and lift the sink in place. (If necessary, the aid of another person to hold the sink.) Put the groove in the sink clip on the lip on the underside of the sink. Set the clips around the sink perimeter, evenly spacing them apart.

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Put the J-Trap Assembly to the sink drain pipe by tightening the nut with channel lock pliers. Connect the hot and cold water lines to the tail pieces on the underside of the faucet. Hand-tighten the nuts first, then finish tightening with channel lock pliers. Turn on the water supply to the sink with shut-off valve, which is located undermount bathroom sinks. Flip the hot and cold water valves to restore the water supply. Test sink. If there are no leakages tight connections with a wrench.

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Undermount bathroom sinksUndermount bathroom sinks are growing in popularity because of their sleek style conceals lip during washing and not trap food or bacteria underneath. These sinks must be installed in granite or other natural stone counter tops, as undermount sinks are often heavy. It is possible to attach a undermount sink in the counter top with just a few tools and materials.

Clean any caulk that squeezes out with a damp cloth. Allow the silicone caulk to dry for 24 hours. Run a thin strip of silicone caulk around the faucet opening with a caulk gun. Insert the tap through the perfect holes and push down firmly to create a seal. Attach the washers and nuts to the cold and hot water tail pieces on the underside of the undermount bathroom sinks, tighten them with a basin wrench. Wrap four layers of Teflon tape around the hot and cold tail pieces to secure a better fit.

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