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May 19, 2020 Design & Decor

Great Ideas Ultra Modern House Plans

Ultra modern house plans -Hello friends! Today, we’ll talk about ultra modern house plans. Modern style houses always stand out for their design and use of contrasts of light and dark colors. This resource draws attention to sense of space, elegance and neatness that inspires viewer. In this book of ideas you want to demonstrate a large modern house surrounded by a natural area that brings a touch of exuberance. We hope this project will inspire and be an engine to generate ideas for your own home. If you would like to create any questions, please consult with our experts. Let’s enjoy ride!

Ultra modern house plans of front were a timely combination of colors. It is ideal for this minimalist style that attempts to create a visual impact that shakes perceptions. It imposed a column in middle of facade was comprised, interrupting visual into housing. This resource seeks to create a virtual division between social spaces of house and intimate.  Upon entering house you access a striking living room, where combination of white, gray and black give a touch of elegance to every corner. This sector is destined to leisure; because it includes a screen on wall, comfortable armchairs and a coffee table where support possibly a delicious drink or coffee while enjoying a movie with family or friends.

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From terrace inside house looks a lot more impressive. There you can see flat sheet roof falling on black woodwork, creating a sharp contrast to bedroom smooth cement and concrete slabs terrace. This sector has a balcony glazing connecting with outside generating a visual continuity. Before ending tour, we look at spacious bathroom has a large mirror surface, table top with dark gray, light gray under allowance furniture, along with same tone for ceramic floor.  If you like ultra modern house plans, this book of ideas you’ll be able to come across suggestions that will delight you.

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Living next to an interior garden that became green heart of ultra modern house plans was designed. It has a rectangular field of grass and a tree medium that will grow over time touring both levels of house and giving its green freshness to pass in front of windows.  Back of house was destined for kitchen and elegant dining room, integrated into a single rectangular space. Dark table top, chairs with chrome legs same tone and a striking dark coating plaques on walls was chosen. To mitigate severe effects caused by use of dark tones, a light color for floor and ceiling was chosen, and a large window that floods space of sunlight and light stood.

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