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Fixing A Leaking Faucet American Standard Bath

Insert a small screwdriver into the faucet handle cap covering the handle screw. Unscrew the handle screw with a screwdriver. If your American Standard tub faucet does not have a handle cap, insert an Allen wrench into the side slot, remove the handle. Establish the handle screw and cap aside for re installation. Two-handled faucet, repeat this process for the other. Wiggle and pull on the American Standard fixing a leaking faucet handles, until it comes out. Use a handle puller for older, stuck faucet handles. Remove the shield cover by unscrewing with a screwdriver or grab it with your fingers and push it away from the handlebar. Remove American Standard faucet stem assembly with a bath plug. Place the bath plug on the spindle hood and turn counterclockwise. Unscrew the stem assembly with the bath plug and remove.

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Screw the small screw securing the blade to the stem assembly having a small screwdriver and remove the disc. Put all the parts you remove the side in a safe place. Remove the washer and small screw to a local hardware store and has an associated match them to new replacement pieces. Buy two for two handles American Standard faucets, or one by one handle American Standard faucets. Lubricate the washer and screw with plumber’s grease, and replace them back at the conclusion of the stem assembly. Apply a small amount of plumber’s grease on the spindle assembly threads and assemble the nucleus of the fixing a leaking faucet body with the bath plug. Put the coat of arms of the cover plate and handle in reverse order for re installation. Turn the water back from the main water valve.

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Fixing a leaking faucet – Leaky bathtub faucet waste water and are a nuisance. The American Standard brand of faucets are made in several different styles and finishes. Fixing leaky faucets itself is a much cheaper alternative to hiring a professional to come in and do it for you. For the beginning do-it-yourself, the easy solution for a leaky bathtub faucet is an superb way to start working on your own home repairs.

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Turn on the water valve off, placed on the outside of the home near the water meter. For apartment or condo dwellers, look for a hidden access panel built into a wall near the tub in the bathroom. The access panel can be from the utility room if the room shares a wall with the bathroom. If you can not find the bathtub shut-off valve, contact the building supervisor and have them show you where it is located before you start. Let the remaining water in the fixing a leaking faucet lines to run out by turning the tap handle in the open, or onto, position. Close bathtub drain to reduce loss of parts.

fixing a leaking faucet.

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