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May 24, 2020 Misc Ideas

Contemporary Living Room Setup Ideas

Accessories are a key component of this style and complete the look of the space. Arrange colorful pillows with decorative patterns or applications on the backs of sofas and chairs. On the walls, hang colorful contemporary images. You can also place the black and white photos movie stars in decorative frames and have them in the space. Many contemporary living room setup ideas include a subdued color palette. A strong splash of color, such as orange, purple or fuchsia, can add vibrant energy and modern drama to your living room. On your black or deep brown couch, throw pillows print or solid color of bright orange, plum or emerald.

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Floors should also adorn in a contemporary style. Popular floor coverings in this style include fixed shag, animal prints or other over-the-top prints, such as busy geometric patterns. Choose a color or print that satisfies your requirements. For example, you can add a zebra or a red shag area rug on the floor. Besides adding warmth and visual interest to the floor, an area rug also serves as a base for the furniture.

Living room setup ideas– You can add a sophisticated touch of glitz and glamor to your living room by decorating it in a contemporary style. With a focus on flashy and ornate elements, defines this style an era when it came into being in the 1930s and became so popular by Hollywood celebrities. With the right elements, you can create a bold and striking contemporary style look in your living room.

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Opt for sofas, sofas and lounge chairs covered with velvet, satin or silk. Bits that feature pipes, decorative fringes and tufted backs are ideal choices. Lacquered and mirror pieces also fits the style. Invest in a black lacquered wall cabinets and a coffee table with a mirrored top, for example.

Start your living room setup ideas makeover with the walls, as they serve as the background of the room. For this style, paint the walls a neutral color such as white, to create a blank canvas against which the lavish elements in the room will appear. If you want to add a punch of color on the walls, creating a focal wall by painting one wall a bold color or cover it with paper that has a bold.

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In this article we present ideas and products review that can be an option to realize your project about living room setup ideas.

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