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December 3, 2018 Bedroom

Build Japanese Style Bed

Cut plywood with a round saw to match the length and width of the Japanese style bed. Use a carpenter Square to square up the frame on the floor and make sure all angles are 90 degrees. Clamp the boards in place with bar clamps to keep them securely under the frame assembly. Make two holes through everyone in common where the frame pieces meet. Use a 1/2 inch bit and make the holes 6 -inches deep.
Starting with use a tape measure to measure the length and width of the futon you need on your Japanese style bed. Next, use measurement futon length to cut two frame pieces that will create the sides of the platform. Use boards that are 4 x 6 inches to create a platform 6- inches high. Use measurement width minus 8 inches to cut three plates the width of futon to the platform. These three will place on the head and foot of the platform as well as in the center to add some strength to the frame.

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