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May 18, 2020 Design & Decor

Black Drum Lamp Shade Screen For A Chandelier

Select a fabric that is at least one or two inches wider than the height of your black drum lamp shade curtain so you are able to cover the outside of the curtain drum and double over the top and bottom and finish inside the if shadow. Set the design on the fabric on the surface so that the back of the fabric is facing up. Curtain drum place in the center of the fabric. More times should be approximately one inch inside the screen.

Black drum lamp shade – A drum shade for a chandelier is round shape so that it is very similar to a drum. Since a chandelier hangs from the ceiling in your home or office, the shade has an opening at the top and one at the bottom. Furthermore, the drum shade has a piece of metal with a hole in it that allows you to shadow the lamp. It is possible to purchase an unfinished drum curtain at any lamp, department store or boat store. Then you can go to work on a DIY curtain drum design to cover your own shade before putting it on the lamp.

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Choose the screen to hold the fabric in place with one or two of your fingers. Press the bottom of the fabric down the bottom of the black drum lamp shade screen so approximately one inch of the fabric is folded down into the bottom of the screen. Stretch the fabric so that it lying straight against the outside of the curtain drums. Cut any fabric leftover from the bottom of the screen. Fold the fabric over the top of the drum curtain and use hot glue to attach the fabric to the inside upper edge of the curtain. Pull the fabric taut so that it is flat against the outline of the shadow and wrap the bottom of the fabric below the bottom edge of the screen. Place the fabric in the with hot glue.

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Gauge the height of your drum curtain and write on a piece of paper. Just take the curtain dimensions of your drum to your neighborhood fabric store or craft that sells fabric. Find the fabric you wish to cover the drum shade with and bring it to the counter. Let the shop cutter know the dimensions of the drum curtain you are trying to cover. He can help you calculate the number of yards of fabric you want.

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black drum lamp shade.

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