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May 26, 2020 Misc Ideas

Beautiful Ideas Grey Bedroom Walls

Grey bedroom walls – Gray is an eclectic and beautiful color for the bedroom walls, and depending on the rest of your decor it can be funky or sophisticated. If you want to paint your bedroom gray, learn some easy tips and steps to do it to give your bedroom a chic style and a fun look. Choose a shade of gray that you like, depending on your decor and color selection. If you have a small room, stick with a lighter shade of gray as dark shades can make small spaces even smaller. Most of the gray is generally good with cool tones, so you might want to focus your color scheme on it. If you have hot tones for the rest of your decor, stick with a gray that has warm orange or red shades to it.

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Grab a few swatches and take them home to compare against your grey bedroom walls. Some stores even offer small, cheap, sample cans of paint so you can actually see the color dried on your wall. Once you have decided on the exact gray you will go back to your hardware store and buy a large can of it.

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