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June 2, 2020 Kitchen & Dining Room

Beautiful and Durable Granite Table Top

In this report, we will see reflected in some projects the use of these materials in the kitchen and the advantage of each one of them. Are you ready? Let’s start! Marble and granite table top are two of the materials preferred by architects for the construction and decoration of kitchens and bathrooms, thanks to their wonderful qualities in durability, resistance and aesthetics. Marble and granite are rocks with unique virtues and characteristics, which are related by their resistance and durability, but which differ from colors, textures and some compounds.
Both materials are commonly used and are present at the market through various colors and prices. As if that were not enough, the granite table top goes far beyond beautiful and durable: it is a material that respects the environment. In this sense, the granite carries out an agreement with the extraction and handling procedures, to be able to avoid damaging effects on the environment. It is then a natural rock that is not treated with chemicals and synthetic waste.

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