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May 19, 2020 Design & Decor

Add Finish To Red Oak Stair Treads

Red oak stair treads – Red oak is desirable in applications where you may enjoy its surface structure. Used in the construction of cabinets, hardwood floors and trim work is the red oak is also an acceptable wood for stairs. The wood has a pink or gold tone and you can use a stain, or let the natural color of the wood dries. Since you finishing steps, you need a durable topcoat to withstand foot traffic.

Sand only the surface of the red oak stair treads steps, after the finish coat dries, with 220-grit sanding block. Use very light pressure. This is micro sandpaper and it will not remove the shine on the surface of the steps, but it will knock out any dust particles that fell and stuck on the wet finish. Apply one or more additional surface coats, brush them in exactly the identical way and let the treads dry completely between coats. Tips, if you prefer the natural color of red oak, you can skip the stain and apply only topcoat. Dry wipes that are wet with stain outdoors in a single layer on the ground. Throw them in outdoor waste containers. If wet stain rags are stuck inside a bin, they can flare up.

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Fill the nail holes with wood filler. If staining steps, use wood putty that matches your glaze. Use a 150-grit sanding block to smooth the surface of the unfinished red oak treads. Sand the edges and under the front lip and side lips also. Sand only in the direction of the wood fibers. Apply masking tape on red oak stair treads risers, over and under the stairs. You will also need tape around the wall and off the stair trim to protect them. Wipe off the steps, tribes and adjoining walls with tack cloth to create a dust-free zone for dyeing and finishing.

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Applying beet, if desired, by cleaning it with a brush, or by smoothing it on with a stain applicator pad. If you use a pad, you will still need a brush to create the outsides of the tread and lower lip. Allow the stain left on the steps until the wood absorbs the desired amount of color, and then wipe out the red oak stair treads firmly on absorbent soft rags, and let them dry completely. Apply a thin layer of wood finish with a quality brush. Acceptable finishes for treads include polyurethane, lacquer and varnish. Brush the solution on the direction of the wood grain and let it dry.

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red oak stair treads.

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