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June 12, 2020 Design & Decor

5 Non Slip Stair Treads For Wood

Tape is the cheapest non slip stair treads for wood option you have for your home Just buy one or two rolls, stick them on your steps and you’re done, you have to be careful that you buy a non slip tape, there is not too abrasive for that use inside your home Everyone in your home will be to use these stairs barefoot at a time, so you want to make that these tape strips is not painful to walk on tape strips will also have a tendency to peel up to be a unsightly danger Ask your neighborhood hardware store what type of non-skid tape they recommend most.

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Option 4 Tape

Option 3 Paint

There is also a wide range of non slip paint that you can use on your wood stairs either sprayed or painted on, come these paints in a variety of colors to match your decor and allows for a less conspicuous way to prevent slips, so make sure you really are fine with changing the appearance of your wood stairs before painting them paint can be used for both indoor and outdoor wooden stairs This makes it particularly appealing, especially on a deck, or step which may result from a pool

Option 2 Rubber

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Non slip stair treads for wood – There are 5 option for non slip stair treads for wood. Option 1 Carpet. You can blanket your entire wooden staircase and do not slip, but then it would not really be a wooden staircase longer Fortunately, there is carpet non-slip strips you can just keep your wood stair tread advantages are design advantages of carpets, and a wide range of colors and textures to match any decor Wall slip strips are moderately expensive in costs, with the average stair consisting of 15 steps, it will cost around $100 to place these strips on each step, but just think of how much saving in medical bills versus fall and hurt yourself

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If you really are not fond of carpet and dust mites it contains, you can always go with rubber non slip stair treads for wood rubber has the advantage like inexpensive and the disadvantage is that the rubber treads is not so pleasing to see some manufacturers have caught on to this and do not slip rubber tread in a variety of colors But of course the extra colors and textures can send the price well into the hundreds of dollars for the additional features

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