It’s My Birthday!

When it comes to birthdays, I’m definitely like Lily from HIMYM! It’s your day! You have to live it up, right? Even if it’s not necessarily my birthday, I always consider it that persons big day. It’s your day to do what ever you want!

I’ve been trying to decide what to blog about today since I knew I wanted to post something and decided to go with some of my favorite birthday inspiration from my Pinterest! I have an entire board dedicated to just Events but I thought I’d narrow it down a little to just my favorite birthday things and also include some of my favorite cake/cupcakes as well!


How fun would this be to wake up to a room full of balloons! I think it’d make an amazing tradition!


I ran across this photo years ago and fell in love! What a perfect birthday dinner!


Amazing DIY from Mint Love Social Club


Celebration Cake from Cupcakes & Cashmere


Another amazing cake!

And what about the little ones!? I found these adorable ideas for kids birthdays and figured I’d share them as well!

Source: via Vanessa on Pinterest


I think this would make an adorable photo session! What is more fun than a hand full of balloons!?


Cake Smash! I may not be turning 1 but I think it’d still be an awesome birthday session!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I’ll be spending my birthday at a wine festival! It always falls on my birthday weekend which is just perfect! Make sure to follow me on Twitter for updates about that event!


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